What is tiramizoo?

tiramizoo is Germany’s leading online courier service which specializes in same day delivery for local e-tailers and retailers.

How can I use tiramizoo as retailer?

You can integrate tiramizoo as new and attractive delivery option directly in your webshop. In case your webshop is not ready yet you can still offer our service by managing your local same day deliveries via our booking platform on www.tiramizoo.com.
If you have any questions regarding our integration options please don’t hesitate to contact us
via phone (+49 89 2155 68 70) or email (support@tiramizoo.com).

How can I use tiramizoo as end consumer?

Have everything in your city delivered immediately or within a definite time window – fast, reliable and environmentally friendly.

How does the order process work?

Enter your pickup and delivery address, pickup and delivery time windows and the type of good(s) to be delivered on our website. As soon as you have booked your delivery one of our professional courier partners will take care of the timely pickup and delivery.

How is the price calculated?

The indicated gross prices are based on the rates of our local partners. We calculate each delivery individually by size of good(s) distance and speed of delivery. The price is based on the current price list. The actual price invoiced might be lower due to possible volume discounts. You will receive your invoice for your booking(s) a the end of the month via email.
To serve our local retailers better in some cities we determine the delivery distance between the center of the pickup postal code to the center of the delivery postal code. In some cases this might cause some variance between the delivery distance estimated by you.

What payment methods are available?

Currently we offer convenient payment per invoice at the end of the month. The invoice will be sent to you via email at the end of the month.
Where does my package end up if the recipient is not able to accept the delivery?
In case the recipient is not available, we will organize an alternate delivery or return according to your preference.

Is my delivery insured?

Your delivery is insured up to 500 EUR. If you require a higher insurance amount (up to 10.000 EUR) please contact us
via phone (+49 89 2155 68 70) or email (support@tiramizoo.com).

How can I participate as a courier or courier company?

We are happy if you are interested in working with tiramizoo to serve additional areas. For further information, please see our couriers page.

How does tiramizoo work?

tiramizoo manages your important same day deliveries in your city. For that we work with a network of local courier companies and couriers that accept and manage deliveries using our tiramizoo software and smartphone apps. Our software combines and optimizes the delivery routes such that the optimal number of couriers are used, delivery times are met and the number of kilometers driven is minimal.

What does tiramizoo mean?

tiramizoo, spoken like the italian dessert tiramisu, literally means “pick me up”, “lift my spirit” or “make me happy”. And we want you to be extremely happy with tiramizoo’s service.
I have a question that has not been answered here.
Please send an email to support@tiramizoo.com.